Slama - land art festival 2011 - Straw Sculpture Symposium - Osijek - CROATIA

video about slama 2011: http://vimeo.com/27786951
The circus has always been a theme that has attracted a lot of artists throughout history like Picasso's melancholic works from his early rose period, the dreamy, romantic pictures by Chagall, the impressionists Degas and Lautrec and the poentilist Seurat. Many directors, writers, musicians and coreographers as well have been inspired by the rich circus scenes. The Magical atmosphere underneath the big top has been fascinating generations. I, too, remember from my childhood the visit to the menagerie, the exotic and trained wild animals, the stunts done by the acrobats on the trapeze, the clowns, jugglers and the lion tamer, the smell of caramel and sweet cotton candy –the classical circus scene. But what is it within us that drags us into the world of circus?!

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