Third International Art Symposium “ALANIKA” Organizer: Gallery “IR- ART”, Ministry of Culture of North Ossetian Republic – Alania

Third International Sculpture Symposium

20 of August – 14 of September, 2009
Ministry of Culture of NOS – Alania
Participants: Professional artists united in 2 groups:
1-Painters, graphics, photographers
The Third International Art Symposium is directed to:
strengthening and developping international and regional cultural relations in fine arts
identification of ossetian artists ( artists of the Northern Caucasus) whose creative works are part of the world modern arts
creation of the basis, on which the ossetian artists will have the opportunities to generate and realize the modern arts projects
promotion of different groups of public organizations ( journalists, art historians, art curators and managers) , connected with the art processes in our region.
Increase the Museum of modern Arts ( the branch of the National Museum of NOS-Alania) by new art works of the symposium participants, The sculptures will be installed on the Terek river embankment, for creating the statuesque complex of our town.
The exhibition will be held in Vladikavkaz in the end of the symposium and a leaflet will be issued

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