symposium - FINNISH FOREST - SOURCE OF ART - 2008

Labirent' 2009 kış - winter 2009 in Saksala Labirent

A door and gate in a path. Between both elements people can go, but have to take care through the way the passage is covered and filled. The installation is of wood and partly colored in ultramarine blue. The color attends the visitor on its character and is guiding the eye from the beginning to the end. The door is a construction and not what regular can be found in a forest. The meaning of the door and the gate is well-known, but in a place like this it works different and it is the visitor who can find out what it means for him/her. The installation of Varol Topaç is located in the rounding of the path.Through the work the path can only be passed by the installation. Between the door and the door frame wood is hanging all over. The moment the visitor is in the installation he/she is part of it.

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  1. Tesekkurler davetiye için.Basarılı çalısmalarını uzaktan da olsa izliyoruz...
    (Wish you continue your successful work)