16.International Wood Sculpture Symposium / Kemijarvi – FINLAND - 2007

16.Uluslararası Ahşap Heykel Sempozyumu
Kemijarvi,Finlandiya 25.06-01.07.2007
The 16th International Woodsculpting Symposium
The events new winds
The Kemijärvi International Woodsculpting Symposium is biennial and professional sculptors from all over the world arrive to carve during Midsummer time in Kemijärvi. The public can freely follow during the week, how trees are changing their shapes into a sculpture. The sculpture site is near by Jaakontori in middle of the town. The sculptures made can be seen in public places around Kemijärvi and during summer in the International Art Centre Puustelli.
"midnight sun"

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